We live in a postmodern world. With the growth of technology, it’ll soon be impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. But then again, what is reality? Is it a construct of the mind that we believe to be infallible logic? Or is as cold as the marble floor we walk on? All this philosophizing or faux-philosophizing often leads to an addled mind, which is why we take to nature. There’s nothing like the green, green grass of home.

Tom Jones talks about a prisoner wanting to escape to this very promised land in his hit song. And aren’t we all prisoners? Hasn’t circumstance and madness chained us all? I too long for the minty air, the mist slowly weaving its web over the walls of the cottages in the mountains. I long for petrichor and solace. I yearn for the sweetness of dew, and the richness of the damp earth. But what do the Tyrannians want?

David says that they want the blue, blue grass of home. And bluegrass music by Béla Fleck makes them sadly miss their home. David talks with acute despair about his planet. It’s headed for extinction because gravitational forces are both pulling the three suns together, and closer to Tyrannus Titania. The Tyrannians (or Titanians) are also now vegans because they hunted every other species on their planet to extinction. They do eat plastic though. Imagine that! What we use and discard is their food.

While I ponder on all this, David gets up from the park bench because he sees a street performer playing Bluegrass. Tears well up in his eyes, and he then starts sobbing bitterly. I feel sorry for him. But he accidentally drops a small notebook. I pick it up and flip through the pages because I’m curious about the way he writes in English. I’m shocked by what I read.

It says that it takes twenty thousand years to get to earth from Titania, and by that logic, the Tyrannians have been here for a long time. These aliens are using us! They’ve been Tyrannaforming (his words) earth. They want to transform the atmosphere and make us extinct! All the nuclear disasters were a result of their plans! I don’t know what to say! Heaven help us!

We only think we’re free, but it’s the Titanians who’ve been plotting the course of humanity all along. I’m shivering! Here is the exact replica of the transcript from David Redpath’s notebook:

You humans see what we want you to see.
We have been busy Tyrannaforming this planet,
with your assistance, to make it more habitable
for us. Our home planet has an atmosphere
of carbon dioxide and methane. And is highly
radioactive, due to the large deposits of the
heavy metal, Tyranium. As a result, we
require a radioactive environment to breed. The Chernobyl was no accident.
And Fukushima … even better.
Bikini Atoll was past its use by date.
So now we have plenty of privacy for our highly
elaborate mating rituals. And hatching grounds
for our young.

© Nitin Lalit Murali & David Redpath (2019)

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

10 Replies to “The extraterrestrial (Part 2)”

  1. Vast mind. Vast mind.

    Have a little faith. We aren’t the double Sapiens for nothing. And we haven’t elected the maddest leaders for nothing: We just need to know how mad we can go before the 25th hour arrives and the yet unborn Gen Z bring us to our senses.

    There’s new music, too: It is emanating from many places and countries, and from the trees. We are listening to one of its foremost practitioners, the daring beat drummer, Makaya McCraven, now in Chicago; and to the fusions of Ethio-jazz from Addis Ababa.

    Have a little faith and don’t forget to eat up all your Popeye spinach. Your green is a little pale and the suns are very hot. A little darker green will preserve you and your vast mind longer. We can do with your vast mind for the longest time possible.


    1. Haha. We sure are an intelligent species if one were to judge us by the leaders we elect! All jokes aside, I have my qualms about Gen Z. Talking about music from the trees, I listen to it sometimes after the rains. It’s beautiful.

  2. Has anybody spotted the Tardis lately, and I’ve not seen the earth’s best known Alien/Dragon slayer…..’.The infamous Doctor Who’, since Christmas… Maybe he’s already been capture by those dastardly Tyrannians /or Titanians….. But for the last 55 years I’ve known the good Doctor, he has yet to let us earthlings down…… I’m sure Doctor Who and his travelling companion Rose Tyler will eventually eradicate these Titanians, and continue send us earthlings on our merry (Hoho-ho) way……..

    1. I hope you’re right Ivor. I really hope you’re right. These are grim days. Fascists storming the place, and to top it all, the Tyrannians plotting a takeover. If we can’t find Doctor Who, I’d be happy with Rey coupled with a few Resistance fighters. As long as they don’t destroy the planet in the process! But it’d be nice to see David in a lightsaber duel.

      1. Yes, times are grim. But there are good Aliens too, although I think they all left on the last Sputnik…. Alien story’s have always fascinated me, and I’m sure they make half of the world’s population.
        Thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia, Cheers. Ivor

      2. Haha. They’ve fascinated me too. I think anything surreal appeals to humanity. There’s something about us that longs for signs, wonders and miracles. You’re welcome. And thank you for following mine. I’m Nitin from India (a beautiful country marred by politics).

    2. Sorry to inform you, Ivor, but we have
      reached an understanding with that
      Gallifreyan Time Lord you refer to as
      the Doctor, in return for a certain sex
      change procedure 👽

      1. Oh for the Doctor it’s not a sex a change, it’s just another shape of his his outward veneer 😊💪(oh I think that is what Antony Hegarty said)

      2. “There is nothing like a doctor dame
        Nothing in the world
        There is nothing you can name
        That is anything like a doctor dame.”
        ~ Davros

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