I watched a Rock Python swallow a baby Impala yesterday. Its mother looked on helplessly. I wondered about the anguish the mother was going through. It’s horrible to watch a loved one die, but most of us have. What’s terrible is the raw pain that envelops us after the person is gone. It’s often unendurable and drives people to recklessness. Alcoholics and drug addicts are born because of this grief. There is no ailment for a broken heart. They say time heals, but even it often only serves as a reminder for the moments shared, and the experiences we forget.

But we all know that one day, everything we know will be lost. We know that one day, humanity will no longer grieve because there will be nobody who mourns. Soothsayers and sages have warned us about this day. And we know it by instinct too. But the real question is who put it there. Who imprinted this in our DNA. Was it God? Was it a product of evolution? Or was it the Tyrannians? I finally know the answer.

The Tyrannians came up with a plan ages ago. They decided to destroy part of the human race and convert a few into a Tyrannian-human hybrid. They imprinted the fear of extinction in our collective consciousness because they acknowledged resistance. But then again, being technologically advanced as they are, the blue necks (the Tyrannian equivalent of a jackrabbit hunting, cow branding, shitting in the toilet on the porch redneck) knew that selling their toxic sunscreen would be enough to crush the opposition.

Coming back to the hybrid, the Tyrannians haven’t perfected this particular aspect of biotechnology yet, but they’ve had a few successes. One, in particular, called Donald Trump, stands out. I’ll let another replica of the transcript say the rest:

…have been running a Tyrannian-Humanoid
hybrid breeding program, code named
Tru-Blu, for quite some time. With various
degrees of success.
Truman Capote, Harry Truman, Tyrone
Power, Mike Tyson, and Donald Trump,
are a few of our less successful hybrids,
as it was so obvious that they were part
alien. But at least Truman Harry got the
nuclear ball rolling, which earnt him multiple
mating privileges. The Donald Mk. 2 is
yet to prove itself, but our Tru-Blu hopes
are pinned on the Donald Mk. 3.
As we prepare to come out of the
“incubator”, so to speak, sooner than you
may think.

© Nitin Lalit Murali & David Redpath (2019)

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

14 Replies to “The extraterrestrial (Part 3)”

    1. Please tell me we cross the fake-ocean or fake-lake and ascend into a door in the sky in the end. Think about it, the ratings on your planet will spike!

      1. Phew! But then again grr! Because all we are is a circus act to the aliens! Here I thought we’d one day meet like minded sentient beings in utopia. But instead we’re primitive and are a freak show! Why can’t we be higher up in the hierarchy for a change! I’m sure there are some species who are less evolved than us. Are they?

    1. Terrifying news! We’re just above a group of cannibalistic rock spiders! Thinking about it, I think we de-evolved from a race of Greeks with super minds to rowdy muppets. But then again, not everyone likes an enema!

      1. It’s an acquired taste.
        Just like stewed rock spider when you’re
        marooned on Planet Purgatory. Last time
        that happened I had to buy intergalactic
        indulgences from the Interdenominational Maternal Brotherhood to get out of there 💚

      2. I picture Walt Whitman scuttling across the surface of Planet Purgatory. That poor spider laid bare his soul, but it never found a place in this world. So, he faux celebrated this world while he actually enjoyed both his bedfellow and his enema, I reckon! The Interdenominational Maternal Brotherhood! Boy aren’t we a progressive galaxy!

      3. “The Planet Earth has been identified as
        Ground Zero for the spread of Political
        Correctness that has been detected in
        the Milky-way Galaxy. That is why it must
        be destroyed. Sorry about that Earthlings.”
        ~ Marvin the Martian

  1. Vast mind . Vast mind.

    Have a little faith in the Double Sapiens whose Gen Y has only now begun to work its magic and whose unborn Gen Z is still in chrysalis forming new battle gear.

    New music has already arrived from many countries and trees have been discovered singing. We are listening to the drum magician, Makaya McCraven now in Chicago and the Ethio-jazz fusionists from high in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. They are dancing to their own drummers and intend to deafen the Mad Powers That Be now shaking on their shaky thrones.

    They are saying that there are two ways our human hearts break: break into smithereens; break open. They have chosen the latter and out is pouring their fighting genius. As to time: It has healed me of nothing but it has stayed the pain into a permanence of pleasure at the sight of every Painted Lady and the comprehension of every word I read.

    Please eat your Popeye spinach. The suns are hot. You are an etiolated green and you need to go a darker green to preserve your vast mind. Stay with us.


    1. I like how you start your comment, but I assure you that I’m no vast mind! I’m definitely a tired one though. On a serious note, I wonder what Gen Z will be like! People complain about millennials not having any ambition, but Gen Z scares me more. But then again, I guess they are are only hope against the evil aliens. I recently googled best contemporary jazz drummers and I found Manu Katche. He was a refreshing change from the oldies like Art Blakey (who I admire immensely but listen to way too often). You’ve now introduced me to someone else. So thank you! Jazz definitely beats boot scooting to blue grass! “As to time: It has healed me of nothing but it has stayed the pain into a permanence of pleasure at the sight of every Painted Lady and the comprehension of every word I read” – easily the most reflective lines I’ve read all day! I will eat my Popeye spinach. You’re right. It’s time for those synapses to flare!

      1. The badmouthing of Gen Y reached fever pitch a little while ago. It has quietened now and significant numbers of Gen Y have emerged from the most recent large wreckage of our economies and they are at work in many ways. Some of their poetry is incredible. Their music likewise. But not only. They are at work in every part of our infrastructure.

        Gen Z yet to come, I suppose.

        They both have problems to resolve which I could not have imagined: chief among them distinguishing what ‘real’ means in any and every context and how to interact with the real. Otherwise it is all Don Quixote windmills.

        Manu Katche I will check out. You may enjoy this from the city of my birth: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz3j6. Very good for every part of the body including the synapses!


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