My dear Talamundus,
What made you turn your back
on the faith, you once professed?

Don’t you know that the all-seeing,
all-hearing one years for your songs
of ecstasy?

Don’t you know that he longs for the streams of energy
you radiate? That he longs for an
all-knowing synergy?

Our streams of consciousness are
parched without the source, because
at the source lies the great bliss
in which the One resides.

You, once a preacher of the
hedonistic vision know this better
than most, and yet you regressed
to religion!

You an apostle of the glowing
fountains of gnosis, now a
scholar preaching enlightenment
through doctrine!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Don’t you realize that the
connections you made, with
the other brothers of our galvanic
union leaks into a thousand ages?

Why then did we do OxyContin
and then proceed to merge in
the flesh in our group meetings?

Don’t you remember the pain
leading to pleasure when I
first knew you?

Don’t you realize that there
is no other means of rapture
except the prostate?

Why are you then shackled
up with a woman?

We exclude women for a reason,
they do not possess the all-pleasure
giving shaft, and yet, here you are,
disgracing that very organ!

Don’t you realize that the One desires
your white blood?

It stimulates the all-consciousness.

You must offer it to him!

But you choose lips and caves!

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)

Picture copyright © Sam Farrand / Pinterest

16 Replies to “New Age”

    1. Something like that. Though I’d reckon it’s sometime earlier considering there’s no one-world religion yet. A time traveler brought this with him. He said that he’s from the year 2478 AD. A potent warning against apostasy he called it.

    1. That’s the spirit of fear in you. Get out you wicked spirit! Don’t resist! Rabashabadabadaba! And please support this exorcism with a monetary contribution. What you sow you reap!

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