The Indian living in India who goes on and on about Donald Trump and Fascism, and refuses to confront the leaders here in his status messages.

The radical, angry feminist who believes innocent men should get raped so that they get a taste of what it’s like.

The football fan who supports a new team every season.

A Manchester City fan from India.

People who post pictures of all the books they plan on reading while on vacation.

The gold-digger I once dated.

Landmark Education graduates and Westboro Baptist Church members.

Militant Atheists who are bigger proselytes than religious fundamentalists.

Reformed Christians.


People who’re into some bizarre, self-constructed, new age spirituality.

People who post statuses reeking of saccharine optimism.

Brahmins who enforce the caste system (actively or passively.)

People who smoke cigarettes to impress others.

People who put up lists of the ten best books they’ve read.


People who preach the prosperity gospel.

John Calvin.

People who can’t stop bragging when they’re hammered.


People who try to be hyper-masculine tough guys.

Women who fall for these hyper-masculine, pretentious farts.

Gym buffs who post pictures of their eight-packs.

Super progressive, hyper-liberal weirdos who’ll do anything to win people over.

Fame whores.

People with tattoos on their buttocks.

American conservatives with three ex-wives.


People who act like characters from a sitcom.

People who read from websites like Zonal Marking and then think they know football.

People who emulate characters on TV shows and movies, and fashion real-life romances around TV angles.

People who need validation.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)

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25 Replies to “People I can’t understand”

    1. They’re the biggest hypocrites you’ll meet. Self-righteous but full of sin like the Pharisees. I love reading about their affairs and stuff though. I also watch Fox News sometimes. Interesting stuff!!

  1. “The football fan who supports a new team every season.”

    Horrified to learn that people like this actually exist?!?! If someone were to “jump ship” like that here in London they would be shot – that’s no hyperbole either.

    I love lists, and this is a brilliant one! X

    1. A lot of Chelsea fans became Manchester City fans after City started winning. And a lot of Manchester United fans have given up on the team. They’ll probably become fans again if they continue winning this season. It’s crazy here! And thank you HLR! X

  2. I’m with you for everyone of your darts except John Calvin. If you recall the appalling state of the Roman Catholic Church in his time – and, in my opinion, now. and you recall that he did not have the benefit of the exquisite Voltaire to put him straight, he did what was in his historical context to do against a very powerful religious establishment.

    Gold-digging women? I am sometimes very empathetic with them but only where they operate in countries where gold-digging is the just about the only structural alternative to living a desperately mean life………France is one and I have seen the gold-digging operations carried off with a flair which leaves me almost chagrined at my own lack of gumption……..But then I am lucky enough to love France from a distance……..

    Otherwise, an admirable list! Sarah

    1. I believe in Calvin’s genius and I believe he did the right thing when it comes to theology, but he did start an authoritarian state in Geneva and treated his opponents very harshly. And then there’s the case of Severtus. I’m actually reading his biography now and it portrays two sides of his personality: One which served God, and another which was very arrogant.

      I don’t have a problem with gold diggers in general. Just the one I dated. She was sociopathic and extremely manipulative. It was a relationship that carried on for a year before I finally broke ties. Some women know how to tie you to the whipping post as that Allman Brothers song puts it.

      1. I understand what you say about Calvin. I don’t care for authoritarianism of any kind but I do see where the overthrowers of systems of belief and of power are usually have loud egos and are often single-mindedly arrogant. I imagine they cannot be otherwise given what they are doing….I mean Luther was no mamby-pamby either. Lenin. Augustus Caesar. Robespierre. St. Paul of Tarsus: brutal to women, in my opinion.

        Yes, I understand now: you were speaking not about the category of gold-diggers but about just one. Again I could plead that no gold-digging without gross manipulative tactics……..But I won’t! I’m just in general – like we all – bemused by how difficult it is just to get along with people. All kinds! Sarah

      1. No, I eat meat. Believe me…. though I *do* believe that how the animal is treated during its life and the killing/butchering process makes a difference. I believe in respect and care…. and it shows in the meat.

  3. I enjoyed these. But the last one “Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)” I wasn’t sure about. And I didn’t realize there were eight-packs. I’ve only ever posted pictures of my six-pack.

    1. I think the last one is the truest of them all!! I post pictures of my beer belly and dad bod. Girls from the American Deep South love it!

  4. “The radical, angry feminist who believes innocent men should get raped so that they get a taste of what it’s like.” – Please tell me that I’m taking that too literally. Am I so naive as to believe that no one ever really wants this? We can’t want this. It’s one thing (as a woman) to say that men can’t understand what we live with/through, it’s another to wish harm on another human being to prove a point – ANY human being. And isn’t all this writing just a form of validation? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What a lonely thing it would be to live without acknowledgment every once in a while. I truly enjoy your work.

    1. Sadly you’re not taking it too literally. This is the quote that inspired it: Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience. – Catherine Comins. There are so many others like this which portray a harsher side of feminism. I get that men treat women unfairly but wishing harm upon anyone is sickening. And yes, writing is a form of validation, but I’m a very unpopular, tortured artist who got no appreciation from his peers and contemporaries, and so called ‘friends,’ and even family members and hence I quit wanting it. But I’m very grateful for the few people like you who support my writing and enjoy it. Thank you!

      1. It’s not only the crappy people. Even the better ones have a lot of depth that I fail to perceive, and I thus end up hurting them

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