Anatomy of a heartbreak – Henna Johansdotter

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


[February]: He’s left you a wishbone on your pillow. You’re not sure what to do with it so you stick it between your ribs, feeling the sharp end shift with every move, scraping against the aorta. You hold your breath while sleeping and do not stir as the dreams pass by like headlights, colliding into the mist.

[May]: You pull out your teeth as not to hurt him anymore. He says your silence is ugly and suggests you keep your mouth open.

[August]: He draws surgical lines on your body.
“See? This is where I wish you loved me.”
Outside the operating theater you panic and run, not looking behind as he calls you back. The hallways are roaring. This is not your home.

[October]: The rains come and you’re picking up the pieces, trail of breadcrumbs leading you into desertion.

[December]: Your reflection glows back at you from the…

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Call for Submissions

The literati mafia

Hello! So we’re looking to spice things up on Mafia a bit. How can you help? Well, I’m glad you asked our lovely reader. We’ve recently opened up slots for you to be part of our collective. You can do this either by applying to become a general contributor or, if you prefer, post once as a guest contributor. So if you have any unpublished poems, flash fiction, short story (fiction or non-fiction) that you would like to publish in our collective go ahead and send it in to the following e-mail:

With your entry please also give us a link to your blog and short bio of yourself. Please also mention if you are looking to become a part of the collective or if you’re only interested in publishing a guest submission. There’s no limit to what you can send, but please send it in one file. However…

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