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Hello dear readers,

We are starting a weekly poetry prompt, and would love your participation in sharing your creativity with us. Prompts are a fun way to see how we interpret guide words, phrases, or pictures, in similar and differing ways.

The rules are simple:

Use any or all of the guide words posted in an original poem. You do not have to use the actual words, feel free to express what you feel from them.

Post the poem in the comments section of each prompt. If you post the poem to your WordPress site, please credit The Literati Mafia for the prompt.

New prompts will be posted each Sunday evening at 9:00.

Prompt 1 guide words:

oil, flicker, darkness

Happy writing!

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The literati mafia

We swayed to the beat of reggae,
both willing surrender to closeness,
hearts booming,
soaking the love like a sponge

when the music was done,
the crowd walked away,
even as we lingered looking at stars, holding closely to moments
profound and fleeting

the weight of the crash
came over me,
thinking you said words you
didn’t say,
fog clearing,
realizing you did just mean
for us to be a summer fling

maybe not,
if I adopt polyamorous views,
couldn’t sink into you,
if only given permission,
a request you can’t bare,
wounds and scar tissue prevent you,
caught up in what ifs and defense,

a replaying of history denies life opportunity to hurt you agan,
if you just had a child,
it would all be worth it,
to be left by a lover
you willed to stay,
a lifetime connection formed

children teach the purest love,
motivators for…

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A day in Emily’s world makes me realise that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life! In all sincerity though, this is a really well written piece. And feel free to give me credit too. I did the artwork!

The literati mafia

I finished the Dark Tower Series today
a years long voyage through fate and death,
I wept a little at the end, such an epic journey
with characters I felt were friends

came home from a long day working my shift
only to view a poem that I hadn’t written,
like writing a love note with sparkles on it,
or sending flowers when you don’t have a date –
to yourself;

that’s the poem I was prompted to read
about my love for a man in a different country
and his thanks for not revealing the poet was him?
was an action video of an Indian captain

His name is Vijayakanth, escape artist extraordinaire,
bouncing cars that stay too long while up in the air
cushioning from a fall made of many suitcases
random TVs being ruined while horses chase him

the horses easily tripped by one flimsy rope

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The literati mafia

I’m a Kierkegaardian demon of despair with a deep-seated hurt that manifests as rage. I’m a freak, locked in a cage of insecurities looking like an android bleeding blue, with mangled wires and pupils shifting from ditchwater green to the fiercest orange. You push a button on your remote and expect me to say something silly or act funny and when I don’t comply you pull a wire out. One after another, until I’m left with no consciousness and my subconsciousness is erased. And forget collective consciousness. I’m no archetypal somebody; just an anomalous nobody. So, while I’m still active, my fellow androids, misfits, loners, and wastes of spaces, listen up! Let’s meet tomorrow because society is busy boarding the night train to some gaudy bar where they’ll pay big money for a glass of rum. Let’s meet tomorrow when everyone’s violently fucking, when the beds are creaking, and white…

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The literati mafia

I often wish you knew my truth—
knew it intimately, intensely and let
it burn incandescently in your veins,
molten lava flowing, a glacier of glaring crimson
gently moving, affecting, astonishing you.

I often wish you knew me before
you let the hammer strike,
scream, ‘Guilty!’
I often wish you haunted the corridors
I haunt, wish you looked in the scarred
mirror I look in, claw marks and tears
that made me bleed, that ripped flesh
and tore ligament.

They say truth is beautiful
but I wish you knew my truth.
They say love conquers all
but I wish you knew that there’s no
love when you’re imprisoned in a cage,
a blue bird turned raven,
songs turning into shrieks and caws.

I often wish you took my place,
knew what walking to Golgotha really meant,
knew an emotional crucifixion,
a nail pierced soul for nobody’s
redemption, not even mine.

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Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Whispers of the Universe

General sequoia: I’m a green supremacist, coz why the heck not…

There’s white, black, yellow and brown already

Talking shit about history. Yeah, I’m a bigot

We’re vita superior: Sequoias, teaks, rosewood mahogany

The disenfranchised masses nobody talks about

No vote! Not a human ear hears or even cares when we shout

We were standing tall when you little shits were learning how to breathe

Singing songs your ears still can’t hear, telling tales that you’ll never read

Without us you’d suffocate, asphyxiate… We’d annihilate

Turn your bodies into silicate.

(Lay down the beat Mr. ELM)

Elm: You puny beings can’t hear my beat

Even if you weren’t all in perpetual heat

From the E to the M, that’s E L M

I’ve got the best rhythm in the whole green realm

Sssssllllloooooowwwwing it down until time stands still

I’m so gangsta that I always pays the bill

(Take it…

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The literati mafia


I must say goodbye with tears, pain next week
and though we’ve broken us with fiercest war
and though our faiths diverge, I urge you love –

to fight the good fight, to run the tough race
and never ever lose hope, peace or face.


Know that I love you with intensity.
Know that I hold you (here) candescently.


And if the rage of fate tore you from me tomorrow,
if paroxysms of angst and weeping crushed
me like a car careening into a sidewalk
and I’m left forever smashed with crushed headlights
of insight, a smashed engine of consciousness,
a broken windscreen of vision, a destroyed, debilitated
dashboard of memories, then my very identity
takes a gunshot to the head,
my self lies decapitated,
because you helped resurrect me
from the tumbledown, machine-gun town man
I once was, you breathed love into me,
thawed steel; made…

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