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I spent years, smoking my cigarettes and devouring books; absorbing and assimilating all the knowledge I lay my hands on; ripping the bark of wisdom to find what lies at the core, but I still found myself in a dark room, groping for a switch, without my glasses on. And then I found you, imperfect, […]

Now and beyond

I’m not one for same old, or cliché dead I think there’s more depth left unspoken, new things we discover in what’s left unsaid and must romance always have the old blue? Perhaps there’s more hue than what we say, feel a dash of beauty far beyond sense, thought perhaps that makes love slowly grow […]


I’m leaving, and I doubt I’ll come back, but you know how the flick knives of fate are: pushing you in a room with an empty canvas, the brush and the paint beckoning you to paint again. But I’ve learned that a stroll in a picturesque park can do away with the urge. Writing was […]


Andrea dances to the rhythm of song and affection. She gracefully pivots through both the challenges of life and the hues of the season with an elegance of a ballet dancer. The pink Bougainvillea creeps on the wall of the bungalow she inherited where the men in her life drift in and out like thoughts […]


You wake up, thinking the world is yours, and then the finitude of what you can do, suppresses you, but you still press against the grain, and that’s the paradox, the riddle. Seconds spent in misery seem like hours, the painful throes of angst and delusion never leaving you, and hours spent in elation seem […]

Journal Entry: 2

Some people go through miserable circumstances in their lives, and if that hurt stems from childhood abuse or severe bullying, or some other terrible circumstances that make a person lose their innocence, then all that suppressed self-blaming erupts later in life, and results in the person either becoming dysfunctional, apathetic or predatory. Now the first […]